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At Scott’s we are pleased to offer you all the products you will need for your next concrete project.  We carry Marshalltown and Kraft for all your tool needs from shovels and com-a-longs to mag-floats and trowels.  We have a full line of concrete integrated colors, dyes, releases, and sealers for all your decorative needs.  We also supply steel ties, rebar, wire mesh, metal culverts, and expansion joint. 

Let us know what you need and we will have it in stock or will be able to have it in just a few days.  We have decorative rocks in many sizes we can sell by the pickup load or haul to you by the dump truck.   We have bulk mulch for sale by the cubic yard.  You can pick up or we can haul to you. 

Call 573-346-2450 or contact us by email and allow us to quote the products you need for your next project.

We offer all the products and supplies you will need for your next concrete project!


When people think of Concrete Polishing, they often picture a drab, grey material used for the foundation of homes, unfinished basements and sidewalks; but consider the concrete floors that you see in large retail stores and in many industrial areas. These industrial strength floors are durable, decorative, and beautiful. With our help your dreams of having an attractive, very low maintenance flooring option is within your reach. When you choose concrete for your floors, driveway, garage or patio, you are limited only by your imagination. These floors can look as intricate as stone, as decorative as tile, and as creative as abstract art.  Let us help you with your new or old concrete floors.  From large commercial projects to residential garage floors and countertops no job is too large or too small.  We can take care of your job from start to finish.  We also rent, sell and supply all of the polishing products we use. 

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Why Use Concrete?

Concrete has been used throughout history as a durable building material. The Egyptians used it to build the pyramids, 2500 years ago the Greeks used concrete to build the Parthenon. Chinese builders used concrete to build the great Wall. 

So why choose concrete? Consider this:

Safety - Concrete has a non skid surface making it safer to walk on, especially in wet or icy conditions.  It is lighter and more reflective than other surfaces requiring fewer light standards and lowering utility bills.

Appearance - Concrete is a versatile material when it comes to appearance.  It can be stained, stamped, troweled, etched, stenciled or polished.  Your imagination is the only limitation.  It does not conform to imperfections in the terrain, creating a smoother, leveler appearance.  Your driveway/parking lot is the first thing people see, so make a good first impression.

Long Term Cost - Concrete will last much longer than other products and requires less maintenance, making it cheaper in the long run.

Maintenance - Concrete is non-petroleum based.  You will never "track"
concrete into your house or business on a hot steamy Summer day.
Concrete does not rut or produce potholes.

Concrete is GREEN! - Concrete is entirely recyclable.  The raw materials that compose concrete are produced within the state of Missouri, reducing trucking costs.  It does not release petroleum products into the air or ground water.  Concrete reflects sunlight rather than absorbing it.  This promotes a cooler environment around your property and reduces the heat island effect.


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